Dating back to 1880

Steeped in history…

The local area is rich in history and has deep associations with Bonnie Prince Charlie and Flora MacDonald.

Lochboisdale is situated on a deeply indented sea loch of the same name on the south east of South Uist.  It is a small port with car ferry connections to the mainland and Barra.  The hotel was commissioned by Lady Gordon Cathcart the estate owner in 1880 as a fishing hotel and it is still full of charm and tradition.  It welcomed its first guests in 1882 and the original guests’ books are still resident in the hotel along with the daily catch records.

The district is much associated with Prince Charles Edward Stuart – Bonnie Prince Charlie – who spent at least one night in June 1746 on Calvey Island at the mouth of Lochboisdale which can be seen clearly from the front of the hotel, before setting sail for Skye with Flora MacDonald.  Flora was born at Milton, six miles north of Lochboisdale and the ruins of her birthplace are commemorated by a cairn monument.

A little north of Milton and you will find the ruins of Ormaclete Castle.  It took seven years to build, was occupied for seven years and then while celebrating the Jacobite victory at Sheriffmuir in 1715 it burnt down to the ground by means of a roasting venison.

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